DairyNZ videos

Our youtube channel, Pedley Slurry Service Limited has recently been updated and two new videos made by DairyNZ have been uploaded, both include Pedley Slurry Service Limited. We urge you to visit our channel and watch these informative videos teaching you about the health and safety checks we have to do at jobs and how we take care of our equipment.      

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Top Tips for Managing Your Effluent

Top Tips for Managing Your Effluent Managing every aspect of your farm sure can be a juggling act. One reoccurring issue is often around effluent. It’s a problem that can be pushed aside, especially when other every day jobs are more demanding. The issue is that the longer any effluent problems are left the bigger they will get. We often see that a big challenge for farmers is that their farms now produce more effluent than can be managed by…

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