Top Tips for Managing Your Effluent

Managing every aspect of your farm sure can be a juggling act. One reoccurring issue is often around effluent. It’s a problem that can be pushed aside, especially when other every day jobs are more demanding. The issue is that the longer any effluent problems are left the bigger they will get. We often see that a big challenge for farmers is that their farms now produce more effluent than can be managed by one person alone. Take heart though, plenty of muck also means plenty of milk!

It is important to keep on top of your effluent management. Regular pond cleaning means less build-up of solids and therefore more storage space available. It will also help you to keep your irrigator working effectively. Putting in small efforts every day will also contribute to a better effluent system. Efforts such as ensuring rubbish does not enter your ponds and sumps means they will work more effectively and when it comes time to clean them out the whole operation will run more smoothly and be more cost effective. Apply your solid effluent to your pasture regularly so that the organic matter and the nutrients will be improving your soil and pasture. It is no good to the cows when left in a pile!

At Pedley Slurry Service we feel it is important that effluent is utilised to its maximum potential. While it may seem like a stinking mess, it is vital to the pasture that the nutrients get back into the soil. This means spreading your effluent when your pasture will benefit from it the most as well as in a way that does the least damage to your farming operation. It is really important to think ahead and have a plan in place for spreading effluent.

Keeping on top of effluent means that it’s a regular and hassle free job. As a dairy farmer you deserve to take more time enjoying the benefits of the farming lifestyle, not stressing over a big effluent problem.


By Hannah Pedley

An effluent pond being pumped by Pedley Slurry Service Limited

An effluent pond being pumped by Pedley Slurry Service Limited